Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Mütter Museum

The Mütter Museum. One of the most famous collections of medical artifacts, tools, oddities, and pathological specimens in the world.

This was probably THE most important destination of our trip, and probably the highlight of the entire Philly trip for all of us.

Jess had been waiting a year for me to get to Philly so we could together explore the horrifyingly awesome bowels of this museum.

The unassuming front entrance.

Unfortunately, out of respect to the human remains housed in the museum for educational purposes, photography in the museum is not allowed. We could only take pictures in the austere lobby area. Let it suffice for me to say that we saw our fair share of skulls (with all sorts of skull deformities and injuries), messed up babies preserved in formalin, conjoined twins of all sorts of orientations, tumors of all sorts, pictures of skin rashes and lesions, and endless examples of how syphilis can infect every single organ you can think of (bone, brain, liver, skin...).

To give you a little bit of an idea of what we saw, here's a photo collage I randomly pulled off the Internet somewhere, probably released from the Museum itself for promotional purposes. But of course it's so much cooler in person. It is definitely a worthwhile destination if you're in the Philly area.

In soothing contrast, there is a little garden on the grounds next to the building. It is a medicinal garden, full of plants and herbs once used to treat many common ailments.

This plant would have been very useful to some of the people whose remains are housed in the Mütter.

But probably the BEST things I took from the trip were my gift shop purchases! Look at this Müg!! Rocking the umlaut! (The umlaut makes the u have an "ooo" sound.)

How could you not want a CONJOINED TWIN COOKIE CUTTER?! Two heads to bite off the cookie instead of just one! Holiday cookies will never be the same again.

The second we saw this cookie cutter, we almost died laughing and I knew I had to bring one home. This is seriously the most awesome souvenir of all time.

It's times like these that I think I made the right choice by going into medicine. *Sigh*

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  1. Conjoined twin cookie cutter = best cookie cutter ever! You're absolutely right: holiday cookies will never be the same again. I'm still laughing at it, looking at the picture, out loud too!